Samstag, 11. Januar 2014

This week was ドラマ (dorama) week!!

This week was the first week in the new year but also my ドラマ week (I don't know why)!
I think I started to watch 東京バンドワゴン (Tokyo Bandowagon) on Sunday (?) and also completed it on the same day...yep, all 10 episodes in one day hehe.

(I didn't watch any doramas for a while. The only doramas that I watched the last season were Dinner and Mother and I didn't even finished them.)

So here is a short summary of 東京バンドワゴン:

"In Tokyo's Shitamachi area, there is a second-hand bookstore called "Tokyo Bandwagon ~ Shitamachi's Extended Family Tales". It is well known around the neighborhood, and has been the Hotta's family business for 4 generations. Kanichi, who is currently managing the bookstore, is the patriarch of the family. His son, Ganato, is a legendary rocker of his time. Ganato's second son, Ao, is the only one born of a different mother amongst his siblings. Ao is an ex-delinquent but is actually a very kind-hearted young man.
"The riddle of the disappearing encyclopedia", "The child left behind and the book that could open holes", "The torn painting and the break in of the book archives"; All the unbelievable incidents that happen at Shitamachi are somehow resolved by this somewhat eccentric family."

I really recommend this dorama for people who are

1. into Kamenashi Kazuya (Really, I used to like this guy, hated him since 2010 and now I start to like him least a little bit. But his skills really improved!)
2. into books
3. into family doramas
4. into food

I also liked Kaneko Nobuaki who played the brother of the main character. He is reaaaally seriously....really handsome.

After 東京バンドワゴン I started the dorama 夫ノカノジョ ("Otto no Kanojo" - The girlfriend of my father.).
Well, the ratings of this dorama weren't so high but it was quite cute. The story was also a typical dorama story:

"It started with a misunderstanding. Komatsubara Hishiko suspects her husband, Mugitaro, to be having an affair with one of his young staff at the office. Thinking to confront the lady, Hishiko goes to her husband's office, but then something strange happened! Hishiko and the young lady, Yamagishi Hoshimi, swapped bodies. So, from a 39 year old housewife prone to anxiety attacks and day-dreaming, Hishiko is now a 20 year old Office Lady (OL). On the other hand, Hoshimi, who tends to speak her mind freely, finds herself in the role of wife and mother.
In Hoshimi's body, Hishiko gets to see her husband at work for the first time and starts to appreciate and respect him. As she rediscovers her husband's charm points, will it help her to fall in love all over with him again?!"

But the dude who plays the father is also handsome! His name is Tanabe Seiichi. Check him out! Doesn't he look like Kishow from Granrodeo o.O

Yeah, and after that I started to watch ミスパイロット ("Miss Pilot"). Another dorama about planes (ANA everywhere...)!

Here's the summary:

"Tezuka Haru has been desperately hunting for a job, but nothing seems to come about. Without thinking about the consequences, she takes and barely passes the necessary exam to enter the world of aviation. From then on, she begins to walk the path towards becoming a female pilot. Of course she struggles a lot, especially since the training is more severe than she expected before taking the exam. She bonds with her fellow cadets, has to deal with some very strict teachers, and meets various people while going through the pilot training"

Meh, it was okay? I really liked Good Luck back then and if I compare it to Miss Pilot, I've to say that the story wasn't that good BUT that Saito Takumi dude IS REALLY HANDSOME. I wouldn't have continue this dorama if this guy wasn't one of the main characters. But other weird thing is that his VOICE is similar to Kimutaku's voice...this was bizarre (bc Kimutaku played the main pilot in Good Luck)! This Saito dude is also the actor of Edgeworth (yep, it's him) of the Phoenix Wright movie. Now I'm a big fan of him <3

I shipped Horikita Maki with this Saito dude but it didn't *kick*

Yeah, and yesterday I finished 安堂ロイド (Ando Lloyd). I read many bad reviews about this dorama. I also heard that the ratings were quite low so I didn't expect anything special. The first two episodes were so weird that I didn't know what was going on ... but up to the third episode the story got really amazeballs! Really, the story is cute and romantic...filled with a lot of action and weirdness. Maybe it was a little bit too complicated for the "normal" viewer but I think that this dorama got a fresh new story that no other dorama got before. You guys should watch it.
The theme song of the dorama "Your Eyes" is also a very cute and touching song. I decided that this will be my WEDDING SONG LOL
 The cast is also amazing: Kimutaku, Shibasaki Kou, Oshima Yuko, Endo Kenichi (he is a police dude here. Wasn't he also the police/detective guy in Ryu ga Gotoku?!) etc.
I think Ando Lloyd is my favourite dorama of this season <3

Now I'm currently watching クロコーチ but I really hate mystery/detective/police stories so I just watch one episode per day and Gouriki Ayame is playing one of the main characters so screw it...just watching bc of her.

(all summaries were taken form the DramaWiki website!)
(crappiest blogpost ever haha)

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

12 Days!

Hello <3,

my last blogpost was a long time ago. I'm sorry but the fourth semester was...just... CRAZY. So. much. to. do! And again, I didn't feel like writing.

I'm sitting here in my room at my parent's house and try to have an all-night party because I think I cannot do that for a long long time. So, when I always do that I'm in the mood to do something that I don't usually blogging! Hehe~
I also think that I need to revitalize my blog because I'M GOING TO JAPAN IN 12 DAYS and I still cannot believe it.I had this dream since I'm 14. Here I am..preparing for an one year student exchange. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I even can't believe that I was in Japan one year ago! It feels like yesterday ... I don't know.

I cleaned up my Desktop and there it was: my folder with photos of my Japan trip.
It was just so awesome. Best trip that I ever had and so I hope that my exchange will be also that great! What am I saying! It will be great...!

I still have some problem. I ordered my contact lenses on Sunday but they say that it will take 10-14 days to ship. SO I F.... HOPE THAT THEY WILL ARRIVE BEFORE I LEAVE. I paid a lot of money for them..and I need them because I cannot see with my old glasses ._. Well, I can see but not as good with my contact lenses...

and I also forgot to check if I need to be vaccinated and tomorrow the doctor is closed and SO I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY AND I HATE THIS. I HOPE IT CAN BE DONE BEFORE I LEAVE!!!

yeah, that's it so far.
have a nice day!

Sonntag, 21. April 2013

First week of University (2013)

Dear internet,

as I posted before university started this week. The weather was crazy. There was snow three weeks ago but this week was the turning point. We had quite nice weather with 20°C everyday. Since yesterday the weather changed again and it's colder now ↓

On Monday I wore my hat with cat ears!

This photo is also my profile pic on Facebook and it seems that many people like my hat \^o^/
I saw this kind of hats in Shibuya on my last visit in Japan but I didn't buy it that time, which I regretted...therefore I bought it on ebay later...hehe.

I also started to use my new sunglasses, which I bought at Primark. They were so cheap! Just 1,50€.

I thought that it's さくら(Sakura) season so that I could wear glasses like that.

Oh yeah, and I was at MUJI in Hannover for the first time! I'm so happy that we have MUJI stores in Germany! If you have a MUJI store near your place: go and get some nice japanese goodies! If not...well, what a shame BUT they also have an online store, so don't worry!


I bought a face massage roller. My face feels so relaxed after using it.

Mittwoch, 3. April 2013


Hello internet,

yesterday I went home to my father. I planned to go home the day before but I got sick and the plan was ruined (well, had more time to play Final Fantasy VIII hehe).

It's so boring here. We live in a very small city (smaller than Heidelberg), therefore I have nothing to do. The only thing I did today was to cut my fringe, go to the supermarket and getting an Amazon Student!
I can recommend it, because you are automatically an Amazon Prime member, which means, the shipping is free! You just need an university e-mail adress.

You can read more about it here

I already ordered something: a new hard disk!

I can watch more japanese TV shows soon (had a hard disk with 1 terabyte before but it's already full). Can't wait...

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Helter Skelter & Dinner

Hello internet,

watched an interesting movie last night which is called "Helter Skelter" (へルタースケルター).
Don't watch if you don't like porn ^o^

If you like japanese fashion, you will love this movie! Erika looks so cute in this movie~

btw I made italian dressing:

What the hell happened....

Dear internet,

today something extremely weird happened.

I wasn't at home for one day...and I just realized this:

What the fuck happened to my basil T_T Now I have to make dressing out of it....

Freitag, 22. März 2013


Hello internet,

I'm not going to do anything special today and I didn't do anything special this morning (did healthy breakfast and was jogging for an hour).

Therefore I will just post my breakfast, which was yummy~

Straweberries and toast with メロンパンスプレッド (melon pan spread)

Left:青汁ドリンク (aojiru drink) with kiwi, banana, milk and joghurt
Right: cranberry juice

Music that I can recommend today: